At a time when the practice of lifelong learning is gaining foothold in Malaysia, it is worth pausing to reflect on our understanding of learning and the limits we put to it, consciously or otherwise. What is learning and how much learning is enough? Is knowing the contents of a module by heart considered learning? Is learning considered learning if we are unable to apply what we have learnt in real-life situations? Do we need to unlearn some of the things we have learnt? Do we as tutors learn anything noteworthy as we guide our learners in their learning journeys? These constitute some of the leading questions interrogated in this issue of TCX.

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Teaching And Learning: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?
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In my opinion, tutors should regard our learners as:

Experienced in learning techniques and capable of studying on their own
Experienced in learning techniques but still need to be guided in some areas
Adults who need to relearn some concepts
New to learning techniques and need to be guided
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