Feature: What is Learning? Tutors’ Views

Compiled by Sharifah Rosfashida binti Syed Abd Latif

What do OUM tutors think of learning? Read on and find out.

Learning has never been about the passive absorption of knowledge. Rather, it is all about acquiring new knowledge and skills and learning to apply them in analysing and evaluating information in our daily lives. Today, we see the need for “interaction” for learning to happen. By this, I mean interaction between the learner and the material/ content/module. This interaction is said to facilitate the linking of new knowledge with previous understanding. So, the challenge for us in OUM is to ensure that the content we provide will always have a high element of “interactivity”- interesting, relevant to the workplace and sufficiently challenging to the learner.

P. Rajesh Kumar
Shah Alam (U1) Learning Centre

Everyone should enjoy learning because it is fun. By learning, we can boost our powerful mind’s ability to solve problems or create new things. Everyone should understand his or her own learning style. People who understand and practise their learning style in daily life learn better. For example, according to Kolb, there are four types of learning styles - doer, feeler, watcher and thinker. Each learning style has its own strength. Individuals who understand and learn through their unique learning style will enjoy the learning process and achieve better in examinations and daily life. Always bear in mind that learning is a lifelong process that everyone must enjoy!

Tee Tze Kiong
Batu Pahat Learning Centre

Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge, behaviour and skills as well as understanding different types of information. It is also called education process and personal development.

Mohd Rahimi Che Jusoh
Serdang Raya Learning Centre

Learning means being open to new ideas and knowledge; constantly upgrading yourself in all aspects of life and using all the resources available to you. Learning to me is a joy.

Bangi Learning Centre

Learning is a lifelong process which should not be limited to age, gender and education background. It is a trial and error process to find the truth of a philosophy. Along the learning journey, one should be humble, enthusiastic, passionate and always keep the momentum alive. Avoid looking at the world through a keyhole. The world is huge and the law of the universe is beyond our imagination. Learning will bring you closer to the world and universe.

Ho Jen Sim
Shah Alam (U1) Learning Centre

Learning is about acquiring new knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, preferences and understanding. At OUM, learning occurs through three flexible modes - face-to-face tutoring, online discussions and self-managed learning. Learning at OUM will support each individual to become more independent in their thinking and decision making so that they are able to continue to learn the rest of their lives.

Learning at OUM is self-motivated and goal-oriented. Being self-motivated means being driven, focused, ready for objective discussion and open to positive learning. Goal orientation is often seen as an aspect of an individual’s motivation for learning. An individual’s goal orientation in learning will motivate him to work and study at the same time. This will increase his chance of success. Learning at OUM is a way to achieve success via quality learning.

Siow Hing Siong
Seremban Learning Centre

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