By the start of the January 2009 semester, OUM will have moved fully into using English as the main language of instruction and for all learning materials. The necessity and benefits of this move are self-evident. The move repositions OUM as a global higher education provider. And it ensures that OUM graduates are equipped with the necessary language skills to compete in the demanding job market. As with any change, there will be some resistance. This issue explores the changing scenario and the issues it throws up.

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Raising The Bar For Our Grads
Enhancing English Language Literacy in Southeast Asia
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Effective Tutoring

In order for learners to get the most from learning in English, tutors must:

Be able to conduct lessons in English and Bahasa Malaysia
Ensure that only English is used during face-to-face and online discussions
Continuously remind and encourage learners to practise using English in all real-life situations
Expect learners to have the self-initiative to enrol for extra English language lessons
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