ODL learners are to known to be resilient, even if they are not always entirely aware of it! They juggle heavy work and family responsibilities with their studies around the clock and for several years at a stretch before hopefully reaching the finish line to graduate. At times, however, some of these learners would hit a rough patch along the way, disrupting their studies. Without their tutors care and support, they might defer their studies for a semester or more, or eventually lose interest in completing their studies. Or they might just drop out at the first sign of academic challenge, not realizing that they are more capable and resilient than they think. Learner attrition ultimately disadvantages the learners themselves, who won’t get to see their potential realised, as well as to the nation in terms of its loss of enhanced human capital. This issue of TCX examines learner attrition and what tutors can do to care for learners and help them stay on the right track.

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Introducing The Institute Of Teaching And Learning Advancement (ITLA)
Learner Attrition & Retention At OUM: The Big Picture
ODL Learner Attrition & The Limits Of The Tutor’s Role
Tears & Opportunities: Reflections Of A Tutor
Learners’ View
Tutors’ View
What Tutors Can Do To Care For Learners I
What Tutors Can Do To Care For Learners II

Tutors can ensure that learners continue their studies in OUM by:

Ensuring that learners can reach tutors most of the time for consultation
Making sure that learners understand the course material during tutorials.
Setting easy questions as assessment so that learners are not discouraged by the subject.
Designing the tutorial activities in such a way that learners appreciate the subject.
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