Tutors? View : What Tutors Can Do To Care For Learners I

Compiled by Jimmy Teo Hui Thian (jteo@oum.edu.my)

Tutors play an important role in helping learners deal with their academic needs and personal development. They are also there to ensure that learners are guided towards their learning goals and make the most of their tutorials and online discussions. Below is the collective feedback from tutors who have put into practice what they believe tutors can do to care for their learners:

  1. Encourage and motivate learners to read ahead of their tutorials so that tutorial time can be productively maximised.
  2. Be a good role model and inspire learners to excel in whatever they do.
  3. Give clear explanations in class and solicit extra information for learners’ benefit.
  4. Discuss past year questions to prepare learners for exams.
  5. Encourage discussions, be it in class or online, in order to gauge learners’ understanding.
  6. Be in constant communication with learners to decrease their sense of isolation.
  7. Help learners understand what they need to do in order to be successful online learners.
  8. Ensure that tutorials and discussions are learner centred.
  9. Put in extra effort in lesson planning to maximise learning during tutorials.
  10. Demonstrate honesty, sincerity and dedication when helping learners.
  11. Explain assignment questions thoroughly to prevent learners from going off-tangent.
  12. Provide extra notes and (online) resources for difficult topics.
  13. Reflect on lessons and teaching methods to optimise teaching-learning and to cater for different learning styles.
  14. Treat learners as adult and respect their views and opinions.
  15. Be proficient and competent in the subject matter.

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Tutors can ensure that learners continue their studies in OUM by:

Ensuring that learners can reach tutors most of the time for consultation
Making sure that learners understand the course material during tutorials.
Setting easy questions as assessment so that learners are not discouraged by the subject.
Designing the tutorial activities in such a way that learners appreciate the subject.
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