Feature: How to Prepare Learners for Exams

By Lilian Kek Siew Yick

"I prepare my learners for exams by posting questions in the myLMS forum. Going through past semester exam questions also helps. Everyone can get an A, it is just a matter of whether they want to work for it or not."

Harvinder Kaur
Petaling Jaya Learning Centre

"From the first tutorial, I remind and motivate my learners to focus on their final exams. Tutors should also provide additional and relevant knowledge in the field."

Cheah Kee Sam
OUM Main Campus

"Before the final exams, I would have revisions and discussions with my learners."

Chiam Choi Chea
Seremban Learning Centre

"I encourage discussions in the forum. Although getting learners to participate may be challenging, it would be very rewarding in preparing for exams."

Loo Sze Wei
OUM Main Campus

"I remind my learners to read the whole module and complete all the exercises and do online tests. During the fifth tutorial, we would do a quick revision of questions or areas which they find difficult."

Khatijah Omar
Kuala Terengganu Learning Centre

"I ask questions in tutorials and in the online forum and guide learners in doing their study plan."

Law Sze Yung
Sibu Learning Centre

"I advise my learners to start revising as early as possible. Only then would they be mentally and physically prepared to face their exams."

Abd Kadir Othman
OUM Main Campus

"We go through the important points of each topic."

Siti Farina
OUM Main Campus

"Helping learners to master the learning outcomes of each topic really helps."

Wei Wen Shyang
Shah Alam U1 Learning Centre

"In order to motivate learners, we must try to develop their interest in the subject. I would try to at least go through one set of a recent exam paper with them, do an overview of the content in the module during revision and conduct online discussions."

P. Rajesh Kumar
Politeknik Shah Alam Learning Centre

"During tutorials, I would discuss questions, highlight issues and get my learners to practise solving problems."

Danny Ch?ng
Seremban Learning Centre

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In my opinion, in order to evaluate adult learners effectively, exam questions should be ...

interesting, by including many real-life application questions
factual, based entirely on module contents
stimulating, based on relevant industrial needs
simple, touching on the main aspects of a subject
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