Feature: Success Stories - How do Tutors and Learners Synergise Efforts to Promote Successful Learning?

By Christine Ling Bee Fong

Motivating learners is a challenge, regardless of what level you are tutoring. As a tutor, I motivate my learners by following three steps - spark, create and react. These refer to sparking their interest in the subject, creating a great learning environment and reacting to them. Besides these, there are other ways to motivate our learners to learn successfully. The following are what some of our tutors from our learning centre in Sibu have to say.

"Tutors and learners could have effective interactions and discussions in tutorials. Tutors could provide consistent motivation and reminders and always be ready to help."
Nicholas Bamphield

"Tutors have to consider the actual needs of their learners. For example, a civil engineering subject should help learners who are engineers to understand structural stability in terms of resources available and future maintenance for the structure to be built and not only test the learners on theories."
Lim Yew Leong

"I often use myself as an example whenever learners seem de-motivated, as I was a mature student doing my degree at the age of 29. I did my Masters at 38 and PhD at 41. I achieved excellent results not because of my cleverness but hard work. "
Dr Lau Hieng Soon

"Active participation and interaction should be the essence of learning. Encourage discussions, like throwing debatable questions, to help learners to participate.

Call the learners individually to present their views and perceptions on the questions. Appreciate what they say, never belittle them and give everyone a chance to talk. "
Anna Mary Perumal

"Tutors and learners should be alert of and discuss new information from journals and the Internet. Tutors should provide encouragement to learners so that they could overcome their exam fears. "
Johnadi Tang King Kai

"Tutors and learners should cooperate more, contribute more ideas and share more of their knowledge.

For my tutorials, I divide the class into groups to hold discussions and then they present their views. This way, I get the whole class to participate. "
Ngang Tuong Kiet

"Both tutors and learners need to be committed. For example, they should visit their forums at least three times a week. Tutors should not postpone classes and learners should not fail to attend them.

In my six years as a tutor at OUM, I have never once failed to go to my tutorials. I log into the forum almost daily. Queries are answered with care. Some learners participate enthusiastically in the forum as they see it as another platform for learning."
Joseph Sia Kee Ming

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In my opinion, in order to evaluate adult learners effectively, exam questions should be ...

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factual, based entirely on module contents
stimulating, based on relevant industrial needs
simple, touching on the main aspects of a subject
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