Letters to the Editor


I am glad that OUM has decided to reinstate Tutor Connexxions with Issue 17. I have the following queries/suggestions which I hope you will bring to the authorities concerned for consideration and implementation.

  • It is mentioned in the Letter of Offer (under attachments) that tutors should deduct one mark for each day that a student fails to submit his/her assignment. Thank you for the guidelines given. However, I think that same sentence should appear on all assignments so that ALL learners are aware of the penalty should they fail to pass up their assignments on time.
  • The relevant parties should create a new column in the OMES to remind tutors of the deduction of marks for late submission of assignments. Currently, there is no specific column for the above purpose.

A positive response will minimise confusion and complaints when learners see their grades.

Joseph Sia
Sibu Learning Centre, Sabah

You're right. The one-mark deduction rule should be made explicit to learners on their assignment cover sheet. We'll pass on your suggestion to the faculties. As for OMES, could we suggest that you enter the final assignment marks (the net figure, after deducting marks for late submission)? Creating a new column might cause confusion to tutors. Changes, if implemented, will probably take effect from the January 2009 semester since all assignment questions have been uploaded for the September 2008 semester.

The Editors


I've been teaching HBSC2103 Teaching of Science: Living & Material Primary School for three semesters already and I've found that OUM does not regularly supply marking schemes for this course to guide tutors in marking learners' assignments. The marking scheme is important to ensure validity and reliability in grading learners' assignments. I hope this problem will be solved by the September 2008 semester because I will be teaching that subject again.

Norani Mansor
Bangi Learning Centre, Selangor

Agreed. We will pass on your comments to the faculty concerned.

The Editors


Let me introduce myself. I am Segar Raja Manickam, a lead tutor in Kedah. Thank you very much for selecting me to be part of your team to give comments on Tutor Connexxions.

Congratulations! Basically, you are doing very well. Please maintain this spirit and consider the following sincere comments:

  • Increase tutor-learner activities and show them in Tutor Connexxions;
  • Give input from the viewpoints of teaching pedagogy and virtual learning;
  • Include articles on innovations related to virtual education, especially engineering programmes which require operational explanations on circuitry, machine and so on;
  • Provide space for tutors to give opinions or share teaching experience. Provide incentives for each shared experience;
  • Encourage tutors to be involved in research. List the names of OUM lecturers who are keen to conduct research with tutors;
  • Include articles on the benefi ts given to OUM tutors pursuing their studies up to the Masters or PhD level such as discounts;
  • Include articles which can motivate tutors to effectively assist learners who are weak in their studies so that the focus is not only on them as tutors but as a source of inspiration to the learners; and
  • Include announcements on seminars and conferences both within the country and abroad for tutors who can personally afford to incur the cost of attending them.

Segar Raja M
Lead Tutor
Kedah Learning Centre

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