Editor's Note

In the past few issues, TCX has focused on quality e-learning. This issue continues to expand on the theme.

Featured in TCX38 is an interview with the amiable Jimmy Teo, a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education and Languages, who has worked on and continues to work on several key e-learning projects for OUM.

Those of us who have come to know Jimmy will know that he is always crackling with ideas for the development of new e-learning tools. In the interview, he talks about the projects he has worked on like e-GATE, EPiC, and iFEED, his take on the intersections of technology and education, and, most thought-provokingly of all, branding e-learning for tomorrow.

We hope this issue will plant an idea or two in your minds about what it really means, as OUM tutors, to do e-learning today and tomorrow.

We wish you a productive new semester ahead.


Dr David CL Lim
Chief Editor

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