Tutor Updates


New Developments for e-Tutors

  1. Email Notifications - When learners post in the forum, email notifications will be sent to your OUM mailbox. You can reply to the email, and your response will appear in the forum. Your responses via email will count towards your total number of postings and your number of logins into myVLE forum will be accounted for as well. Please do check your OUM mailbox often.
  2. All e-tutors are required to use their respective OUM email accounts. Communication related to e-tutor matters will be made through your OUM email.
  3. Online Training for e-Tutors (New & Senior e-Tutors)
    • e-Tutor training is now conducted fully online.
    • The objective of the online training course is to prepare participants to be online facilitators who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage learning in an e-learning environment.
    • During the first three weeks of the course, e-tutors will participate as learners and complete structured online activities and assignments.
    • E-Tutors' forums will be monitored and evaluations will be
      done over four weeks.
    • At the end of the course, e-Tutors will receive a certificate of completion that will help secure future appointments.
  4. New OUM Expectations:
    • Enter and check your forum at least every other day
    • Make at least 8 postings a week
    • Check OUM mailbox regularly for email notifications of forum postings
  5. ESS - e-Tutor Scheduling System
    • The new online e-Tutor Scheduling System will allow e-Tutors to confirm availability for appointment and selection of courses for the upcoming semester. An announcement will be made when the system is ready.


  1. All e-tutors must be visible in their respective forums.
  2. Log in to your Forum at least 4 times a week.
  3. Do not ignore requests for help from learners.
  4. Respond to learners' postings regularly.
  5. Post questions and redirect questions to learners to encourage and stimulate discussions.
  6. Post additional resources (web links, videos, articles, etc) related to content to stimulate interest and spark discussion.
  7. If there is an e-schedule for your course, please refer learners to the e-schedule to guide them with weekly activities for the course. The e-schedule appears within the course in myVLE, on the left sidebar menu.
  8. Forums are monitored daily.
  9. Regular reminders will be sent by ITLA staff, e-Tutor mentors and Head of e-Learning whenever necessary.
  10. Please inform the Head of e-Learning at ITLA of any prolonged absence and inability to facilitate forum.

e-Tutor Community Area

Please continue to visit the e-Tutor Community forum for continued support and development. The forums also give tutors and e-tutors the opportunity to exchange and share experiences with other tutors/ e-tutors. E-tutors may also communicate with the e-Tutor Mentors


For courses with assignments:

  1. Assignments, Assignment Rubrics and Assignment Templates for Learners have been uploaded to myVLE.
  2. On online submission of assignments, do note that there are different deadlines for existing learners, new learners and the new BPG intake (please refer to important dates above).
  3. No late submission of assignments will be accepted.
  4. Do remind learners to start working on their assignments early and not wait until the last day to submit their assignments online.
  5. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on assignments is available on the left sidebar menu on myVLE.
  6. F2F tutors and e-tutors can only provide guidance on completing the assignments based on the rubrics given. Please do not give any confirmation of marks for the assignments as the assignments will be graded by the e-graders.

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