Tutor Updates


New Developments for e-Tutors


  • Email Notifications:
    • Email notifications will be sent to your OUM email when learners post in the forum. By replying to the email, your responses will appear in the forum.
    • These email responses will count towards your total number of posts. Additionally, your number of logins to the myVLE forum will be recorded as well.
    • All official communication related to e-Tutor matters will be relayed through your official OUM e-mail account. Please use this email service and check your inbox often.

  • Online Training for e-Tutors:
    • This online training course is called the "OUM Online Facilitator Preparation Course".
    • Beginning this May 2012 semester, e-Tutor training will be conducted in a fully online mode. The first group of e-Tutors that will undergo this online course will be the new members of the e-Tutor community.
    • The objective of the online training course is to equip online facilitators with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage learning in a virtual environment.
    • During the first three weeks of the course, e-Tutors need to participate as learners and complete structured online activities and assignments.
    • The respective e-Tutor forums will be monitored. Evaluations will be performed over four weeks.
    • At the end of the course, all e-Tutors will receive a certificate of completion.


  • e-Tutor Scheduling System (ESS):
    • The ESS is an online system that allows e-Tutors to confirm their availability for appointments as well as to select courses for the upcoming semester.
    • ITLA will announce when e-Tutors can access ESS to make the confirmation and selection.


  • Some new expectations from OUM:
    • Please log in to the forum at least once in two days.
    • Please post at least eight times every week.
    • Please check your OUM email inbox for email notifications related to your learners' pos

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