Tutoring Tips


All face-to-face (F2F) tutors are encouraged to:

  • Come fully prepared for all tutorials.
  • Keep to the schedule of the tutorial sessions, and complete all tutorial sessions that have been scheduled for the semester.
  • Be punctual at all times. Remember to record your attendance (i.e. sign-in time) truthfully.
  • Complete the designated amount of time allocated for each tutorial session.
  • Use the module as a guide (not a script) to highlight important points and encourage deeper discussion on the subject matter.
  • Be professional. Keep in mind that tutorial sessions are a time to discuss academic matters.

All e-Tutors are encouraged to:

  • Always maintain visibility in your respective forums.
  • Log in to your forum at least four times each week.
  • Assist learners when they request for help, and regularly respond to their posts.
  • Encourage and stimulate discussions by posting and redirecting questions to the learners.
  • Post additional resources related to the subject matter. Relevant web links, videos, articles and other resources can stimulate interest and spark discussion amongst the learners.
  • Direct your learners to the e-schedule of your course (if available). This is meant to guide them through the weekly activities for the course. The e-schedule appears within myVLE (under the course title, on the left sidebar menu).
  • Monitor your respective forums on a daily basis.
  • Keep yourself updated with the regular reminders that are sent by the ITLA staff, e-Tutor mentors and Head of e-Learning.
  • Inform the Head of e-Learning at ITLA of any prolonged absence and inability to facilitate the forum.

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