Editor's Note

After a short hiatus, TCX returns this semester with a refreshed look and direction, with me at the helm again, at least for the time being, until a new editor takes over.

From this issue onwards, TCX will sport a new, cleaner and more streamlined look. More substantially, having digested feedback from our various stakeholders, we've decided to take a minimalist approach to content creation.

While many of our readers had in the past enjoyed chewing on the themed features in each issue, not all had the time to actually go through them in any detail. Hence, from now on, instead of a series of themed features, we'll be reducing the number of features to one or two at most. This is also to avoid distracting readers from the various important notices which all face-to-face tutors as well as e-tutors need to take note of.

TCX35 takes a look at OUM's current effort to improve its learners' experience in e-learning. The main feature is in a sense a teaser that presents the ideal towards which the university is working. As the effort unfolds in stages, more details will be shared in forthcoming issues of TCX. We hope that by sharing with you OUM's plans, you'd be able to relay the same to the learners under your care.

On behalf of the university, the editorial team wishes you a productive semester ahead!


Dr David Lim
Chief Editor

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