Tutor Reminder

Important Dates

Tutorial 1
28-30 January 2011
Tutorial 2
11-13 February 2011
Tutorial 3
25-27 February 2011
Assignment Deadline

1-7 March 2011

(Tutors should remind their learners to use the special assignment template and to submit their assignments online. This applies ONLY to courses that require learners to submit their assignments online.)

Mid-Term Exams
5-13 March 2011
Tutorial 4
18-20 March 2011
Final Exams
1-26 April 2011

On Face- To-Face Tutorials

1 . The number of face-to-face tutorials is now fixed at FOUR per semester. This applies from the January 2011 semester onwards.

2 . Starting from the January 2011 semester:

  • ITLA will notify tutors about their appointments by email and SMS.

  • The administrator of each Learning Centre will personally contact tutors to inform them of their tutorial dates and time slots.

  • Learning Centres will no longer provide hard copies of offer letters. Tutors can now access these letters through the system.

On Assignments

1 . Assignments, Assignment Rubrics, and the Assignment Template for learners are now accessible on myVLE.

2 . Please advise your learners that the last date of online assignment submission is 7 March 2011. Late submissions will be rejected.

E- Tutoring Updates, Reminders and Tips

1 . E-tutors are advised to log into their online discussion forums at least THREE times per week.

2 . Learners' requests for help should be responded to within TWO working days.

3 . To encourage active discussions, e-tutors should post and redirect questions where appropriate.

4 . To facilitate easier digestion of course-related subject-matter knowledge, do post additional online resources such as web-links, videos, and articles.

5 . Do log in to the e-tutor community forum to share your views and thoughts on e-tutoring.

6 . Automated email reminders will be sent out every Monday beginning 14 February 2011.

7 . New e-tutors are required to complete their online training through the e-tutor community forum.

8 . Payments for the September 2010 semester have been processed. Email itla@oum.edu.m y if you have queries on payment.

Contact Info

E-Tutor Issues And Concerns

ITLA Staff ext. 2122/2490/2491 or

Email: itla@oum.edu.my or safiah_mdyusof@oum.edu.my

F2F Tutor Issues and Concerns

a. LC Directors

b. ITLA Staff ext . 2122/2490/2491
Email: itla@oum.edu.my or sitifarina@oum.edu.my

Assignment Online Submission Queries
Email: assignment@oum.edu.my
myVLE Technical Issues

myVLE Helpdesk - LMS team

Email: mylms_admin@oum.edu.my

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