Editor's Note

TCX returns in the new year with yet another new issue that we hope you'll enjoy reading. We're keeping to the tradition of having each issue themed but there are a few changes.

First,having re-rationalised the resources we have at our disposal and the frequency at which the university needs to communicate with its tutors through TCX, we have decided that TCX will appear once a semester instead of twice. Now that the newly established Institute of Teaching and Learning Advancement (ITLA) is up on its feet and has its systems in place, TCX's role will lean more towards stimulating intellectual discourse on best practices in teaching and learning, although it will continue to remind tutors about certain policies and important dates which ITLA would have previously communicated to tutors online or via SMS or telephone.

Second, TCX is in the midst of including more articles by tutors, as well as subject- matter experts (SMEs) in each issue. In TCX32, for instance, almost all features were submitted by tutors (and an SME). We hope to make it standard practice to email all tutors on our mailing list to inform them about the thematic framing of the forthcoming issue of TCX, and to invite all tutors to contribute their articles on subjects related to the focal theme. So do look out for the next email invite which should land in your inbox in late February or early March this year, giving all ample time to contribute their pieces to TCX33, which is scheduled to appear in May 2011.

Third, and this is rather good news, the publisher, McGraw-Hill Malaysia, has kindly agreed to sponsor two new books as prizes for each issue to be published this year. The best article submitted by a tutor or SME will win these two books! This, we hope, will go some way in encouraging tutors and SMEs to contribute to TCX, and to encourage Malaysians to read more. Look out for its 'advertisement' in this issue.

All the best in 2011 and happy tutoring.

Dr David Lim
Chief Editor

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