As cultural practices, teaching and learning are never static in pattern or impetus. In the face of epistemic (knowledge) shifts and turns, they are subject to ageing, becoming 'old-fashioned' as newer approaches displace them, only for the same fate to befall the 'new' in 10, 20, 50, 100 or more years down the line. Similarly the role of the university is often governed by forces beyond the university itself. Transformations in university teaching and learning may be glacial in pace but they are inevitable. The question that TCX31 poses is: What will the future university look like, and how different are teaching and learning likely to be then? More importantly, for our purposes, in which direction would you like to see the university evolve, particularly in the ODL context? The focus here is not simply to speculate on what might be but to critically reflect on our practices today and on the future we want realized, as ODL tutors-stakeholders in higher education.

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