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Note On Course Assignments

Most course assignments are now to be submitted online for grading. Tutors handling these courses are not required to mark the assignments or input marks into OMES. Assignments which are not entirely text-based will still be graded by learners’ respective tutors. These assignments will need to be submitted to tutors by Tutorial 4.

Upcoming Activities


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Monitoring of New/ Senior Tutors and Facilitators Tutorials/ Seminars 1 - 5 Observation during tutorials/seminars will be conducted by Lead Tutors and OUM academic staff.

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Tutors can ensure that learners continue their studies in OUM by:

Ensuring that learners can reach tutors most of the time for consultation
Making sure that learners understand the course material during tutorials.
Setting easy questions as assessment so that learners are not discouraged by the subject.
Designing the tutorial activities in such a way that learners appreciate the subject.
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