Editor's Note

To all existing and new tutors, OUM welcomes you (back) on board for the new September 2010 semester. As always, the beginning of a new semester never lacks excitement, with tutorials to prepare, new learners to meet and guide, and a whole range of other teaching-learning activities to carry out.

Just in time for the new semester, TCX30 aim to take all tutors through an examination of a key area of concern for OUM: learner attrition and retention. No doubt, as Prof Latifah Abdol Latif notes in this issue's From the Dean's office, the openness of OUM as an online and distance learning (ODL) institution in itself inevitably invites attrition. Learner attrition is in fact a common pattern in all ODL institutions across the world. Yet, at the same time, the consensus is that there is much that the institution, encompassing internal and external staff, including tutors, can do to care for learners by guiding them towards the finish line.

The features in TCX30 take multiple perspectives on the issue at hand. There is obviously more to be said, so do write in to us to let us know what you think. We hope that all tutors will benefit from the views and insights shared by the contributors, and that these will be put into practice over the semesters.


Dr David Lim
Chief Editor

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Tutors can ensure that learners continue their studies in OUM by:

Ensuring that learners can reach tutors most of the time for consultation
Making sure that learners understand the course material during tutorials.
Setting easy questions as assessment so that learners are not discouraged by the subject.
Designing the tutorial activities in such a way that learners appreciate the subject.
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