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For this semester, I'm supervising about 10 learners for their Kajian Berasaskan Sekolah. It's been more than a month and until now I have yet to receive any feedback from them. I'm truly disappointed with their attitude. Considering that this is their final paper, they should show more concern and be enthusiastic about completing it. However, I'm happy with the changes done to myLMS which allows learners to submit their assignments online. Prior to this, tutors had to "chase" them for their assignments. So this new development has helped us to ensure that assignments are submitted on time. About plagiarism, we cannot deny that this is happening among our learners. Nevertheless, I believe that the online submission system helps to control plagiarism. From now on, learners have to be more original in their assignments.

Ishak Abdul Manaf
Kedah Learning Centre

Thank you for your feedback. Based on our past experience, it helps if tutors can also try to keep communicating with their supervises using more than one channel of communication (such as e-mail and SMS). Learners need a nudge every now and then. Yes, the online submission of assignments through the new VLE is meant to be a step forward. We hope you will help educate your learners on its benefits.

Prof Dr Zoraini Wati Abas
Director, Centre for Tutor Management and Development


Occasionally, I've accessed TCX online for some reading material and find it useful. However, with the recent change in myVLE, the shortcut to the TCX newsletter is no longer available. Perhaps it will take some time for me to navigate around the new myVLE layout. I was told that I can access TCX as well as other newsletters like OUM Today by clicking on some of the buttons at the top page. Whatever it is, I feel that the new myVLE format is not as user-friendly as the previous one.

Pusparajan a/l Perumal
Kedah Learning Centre

You can easily access the most recent issue of TCX by going to http://tcx.oum.edu.my

TCX Editors


I teach Oral Communication and in my experience, I fi nd that some learners tend to plagiarise by surfing the Internet to cut and paste some information to pass off as their answers. However, the problem is not that widespread in OUM.

I can't really blame them because most of them do not have a strong command of the English language. Most students learn communicative English which does not necessarily guarantee that they will be academically proficient in English. Furthermore, as this is their very first semester, they have yet to be introduced to proper APA citing conventions.

Despite the above, I'm proud to say that the learners are rather positive in their studies. True, some may have poor command of spoken English but they still remain positive despite their shortcomings. This is one of the good qualities of mature working students.

Lim Chin Tong
Sabah Learning Centre

We're delighted to know that OUM learners have a positive attitude towards their studies. Adult learners are hopeful that their dreams of having a scroll in their hands will become a reality. OUM is counting on tutors like you who we believe will do what is necessary to help learners improve their level of proficiency in the English language.

Prof Dr Zoraini Abas
Director, Centre for Tutor Management and Development


The recent TCX issue on plagiarism is very interesting and appropriate for tutors and learners alike. The featured articles serve the purpose of reminding learners that plagiarism is academically wrong. I would like to request a hard copy of the most recent TCX issue to share with my learners.

As a tutor, I occasionally find elements of plagiarism in my learners' work (be it assignments or theses). I encourage my students to be original in their work by providing their own graphs and illustrations rather than sourcing them from the Internet.

In the coming issue, I hope that TCX can focus on continuous assessment as a tool to motivate learners. I'm a distant learner myself and I feel that continuous assessment helps learners to monitor their own progress.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the TCX team for a job well done.

Dr Lai Choo Heng
Penang Learning Centre

Yes, plagiarism among learners is a widespread issue in many, if not all, institutions of higher learning. As tutors, we're sure you will help educate them. Otherwise, it will be an unending story.

Prof Dr Zoraini Abas
Director, Centre for Tutor Management and Development

Thank you for the compliments. For every new issue of TCX, we will send a PDF version to your OUM e-mail which you can then print out for the hard copy. As for continuous assessment, your suggestion is duly noted and will be put under consideration. Meanwhile, you can view Issue 19: Promoting Learning Through Exams which bears some relation to your query.

TCX Editors

DR LAI CHOO HENG is the winner of the current Best Letter competition. The prize is a free holiday voucher to Cinta Sayang Resort.

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