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DATE (2010)

Undergraduate Key in marks for assignments and quizzes* 12 - 25 July
Key in marks for online participation* 26 July - 1 August
*Except for MCQ-format subjects  
Postgraduate Key in marks for Assignment 1 14 - 27 June
Key in marks for Assignment 2 12 - 25 July
Key in marks for online participation 26 July - 1 August

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DATE (2010)


Monitoring of New/ Senior Tutors and Facilitators Tutorials/ Seminars 1 - 5 Observation during tutorials/seminars will be conducted by Lead Tutors and OUM academic staff.

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Gender equality can be promoted in the classroom by:

making sure that both genders have equal opportunities to contribute in the classroom by giving feedback and so on
refraining from cracking gender-insensitive jokes or statements
explaining materials by taking into consideration the sensitivities of both genders
ensuring that there is no gender bias during the teaching and learning process
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