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DATE (2010)

Undergraduate Key in marks for assignments and quizzes* 12 - 25 July
Key in marks for online participation* 26 July - 1 August
*Except for MCQ-format subjects  
Postgraduate Key in marks for Assignment 1 14 - 27 June
Key in marks for Assignment 2 12 - 25 July
Key in marks for online participation 26 July - 1 August

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DATE (2010)


Monitoring of New/Senior Tutors and Facilitators Tutorials/ Seminars 1 - 5 Observation during tutorials/seminars will be conducted by Lead Tutors and OUM academic staff.

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I can educate my learners about the wrongfulness of plagiarism by:

setting a good example i.e. not committing plagiarism myself in the notes or materials that I give them
teaching them the correct way to quote references in their assignments
explaining to them the difference between original work and plagiarised work
severely penalising them whenever they hand in plagiarised work
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