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OMES Deadlines



DATE (2010)

Undergraduate Key in marks for assignments and quizzes* 8 - 21 Mar
Key in marks for online participation* 22 - 28 Mar
*Except for MCQ-format subjects  
Postgraduate Key in marks for Assignment 1 22 Feb - 7 Mar
Key in marks for Assignment 2 22 Mar - 28 Mar
Key in marks for online participation 5 - 11 Apr

Upcoming Activities


DATE (2010)


Malaysian Qualifications Agency Visit/ Interview 6-7 March Melaka Learning Centre: Bachelor of Hospitality Management with Honours (BHM) & Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours (BTRM)

Petaling Jaya Learning Centre:
  1. Bachelor of Information Technology with Accounting with Honours (BITA),
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology Networking with Honours (BITN),
  3. Bachelor of Information Technology with Software Engineering with Honours (BITS)
Monitoring of New/Senior Tutors and Facilitators Tutorials/Seminars 1-5 Observation during tutorials/seminars will be conducted by Lead Tutors and academic staff

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If I want my learners to succeed in their studies, I should guide them to:

Think outside the box by being more open-minded about new knowledge
Apply their knowledge and experience to solve problems in the classroom
Understand the art of learning and memorise the relevant facts
Think for themselves on what suits them best in their studies
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