Letters to the Editor


I would like to congratulate TCX for the recent issue on quality graduates. I believe that our students need to improve their command of the English language. Hence, even if some OUM tutors teach in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, I only teach them in English because I am confident this language will be useful for them in their careers.

Also, I am saddened by the lack of involvement of tutors in the myLMS forum. There is a column in myLMS which allows them to communicate with each other but it is not utilised well. I hope more tutors will make use of it for the sharing of knowledge.

Abd Rahman Ahmad
Batu Pahat Learning Centre


Basically, I am quite happy with the quality of TCX newsletters. I have read the past issues and I find that it is a good place for tutors to share their personal opinions. In fact, I find the information and articles both informative and beneficial.

Ganesan a/l S. Kuppusamy
Penang Learning Centre


I would like to express my disappointment with SMEs for not replying to questions posted by tutors in myLMS. At the end of the day, tutors are answering the questions of other tutors. This should not be the case. I hope something is done to correct this problem.

Jeya Chitrah a/p Muniswaran
Penang Learning Centre

For your information, the SME-Tutor forum has been removed from myLMS effective from the May 2009 semester. If you have any queries regarding a subject, please contact the respective faculty directly.


Sometimes we hear people saying that OUM graduates are of low quality but I do not think so. I have taught in other universities as well and fi nd that OUM learners are motivated to learn. In fact, they show the potential to be quality educators.

My tutorials are always full and I enjoy teaching them. Sure, there may be a few students who are uncooperative but I try to reach out to them by phone calls or SMS. For me, being highly motivated to study is a key part of being a quality graduate.

Julita @ Norjietta bt Taisin
Kota Kinabalu Learning Centre

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