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OMES Deadlines



DATE (2009)


Key in marks for assignment and quizzes*

Key in marks for online participation*

* Except for seven MCQ-format subjects

9 - 22 Nov

1 - 7 Dec


Key in marks for Assignment 1

Key in marks for Assignment 2

Key in marks for online participation

26 Oct - 8 Nov

26 Nov - 6 Dec

19 - 27 Dec

Upcoming Activities




Malaysian Qualifications Agency Visit/Interview

24 - 25 Oct

7 - 8 Nov

Sarawak Learning Centre: Bachelor of Multimedia Communication with Honours (BMC).

Melaka Learning Centre: BMC

Monitoring of New/Senior Tutors and Facilitators

Tutorials/Seminars 1-5

Observation during tutorials/ seminars will be conducted by Lead Tutors and academic staff.

Teaching Permit Application

Tutorial 3

Submit your application form to the administrator at your learning centre.

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In order to benefit both tutors and learners, OUM modules should:

Be concise and touch on fundamental facts and theories
Cover important facts in greater detail, like a textbook
Touch on fundamental facts but include more thought-provoking questions
Include content and exercises that are relevant to real-life situations
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