Letters to the Editor


For me, the most impressive part in TCX22 is the adapted write-up, "Motivation: Choosing to be Positive." "Effective Tutoring: Catering To Learners' Diverse Needs" by Richard Ng is another article that I find very interesting. The other sections are also very informative and provide added-value for reading.

For the forthcoming issue, I will appreciate it if TCX provides further information about the newly implemented assessment method to certain courses like OUMH1103 and OUMM2103 where all the questions are in the form of multiple choices. Other issues to include are the removal of the 5% OLP as well as essay questions and written assignments. Perhaps OUM has specific reasons for these; it will be good if tutors could know more about them.

I would say that this issue is exemplary.

Aw Yoke Cheng
Shah Alam Learning Centre


From the Dean's Office (TCX22) is a very good and inspiring article. It motivates tutors to excel in their job. Please bear in mind, most of us become tutors not for the sake of getting a tutor's allowance. We can make much more money outside there during the weekend instead of tutoring the students. Articles of this nature inspire us to gain the three good quality traits of compassion, passion and patience (as mentioned by Prof Dr Yusoff) in order to develop our students.

Dr Baharuddin Mat Asek
Serdang Raya Learning Centre


I have read TCX22 and the articles provided are very beneficial for readers. However, the important dates in the Tutor Reminder are a bit confusing. As far I know, there will be no assignments and quizzes for this semester (correct me if I'm wrong). So, what are the important dates for?

Noor Syahida Bt Md Soh
Shah Alam Learning Centre

Assignments and quizzes are only exempted for the seven MCQ subjects.



I conduct tutorials by relating and linking them with real situations. This means not only do they get ideas from the module but must be prepared with many materials including journals. I believe in sharing views and ideas as well as creating awareness among adult learners. A tutor must make tutorials meaningful and relevant for them. Before I start a tutorial, I usually try to get an idea of the students' profile, especially about their background, job and experience. Then, I will try to convince them that the course will be useful for them especially for the exam or in real world. If tutors can build up their credibility, it will be much easier to sustain students' attention and interest in tutorials.

Abdul Jaleel Abdul Hakeem
Perak Learning Centre

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