Feature: Views from the Inside

Compiled by Abd Kadir Othman

What do our academics and tutors think about the qualities of a quality graduate? Do their thoughts resonate with yours? Here's what they have to say:

The single most important attribute of a quality graduate is the willingness to learn and to continue to learn. Independent study is not only indicative of a willingness to learn but more importantly, provides an initiation into the world of lifelong learning.

Yuzery Yusoff
Bangi Learning Centre

A quality graduate should possess a range of core skills. These include willingness to learn, ability to solve problems, good analytical ability and excellent communication skills. He or she must also be a team player, with the ability to adapt and be flexible.

P. Rajesh Kumar
Politeknik Shah Alam Learning Centre

A quality graduate is able to put into practice the academic knowledge gained and create synergy to meet the demands at the workplace. The graduate must have a positive attitude and aptitude towards continuous improvement in life and never cease to learn, unlearn and relearn. Having good communication skills and leadership traits would add value to his/her credentials.

Lilian Kek Siew Yick
Head, Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning

A quality graduate should possess good soft skills such as communication, self-management and language skills, besides excellent technical skills for IT graduates.

Rohaizak Omar
Petaling Jaya Learning Centre

A quality graduate is an active lifelong learner with a positive attitude to life. The graduate is also capable of applying the right knowledge to improve himself or herself and society in a positive and sustainable manner.

Loo Sze Wei
OUM Main Campus

A quality graduate is always motivated to learn, enhance his job-related skills and transform himself from a good performer to an outstanding performer.

Dr Rosmah Mohamed
OUM Main Campus

Quality graduates should meet the requirements of their potential employer. Employers want graduates who are flexible, adaptable and receptive to change. Employers expect graduates to exhibit a range of intellectual abilities. They want graduates who are inquisitive, innovative, logical, analytical, critical and creative as well as able to think laterally and conceptualise issues rapidly.

Hazalina Hashim
OUM Main Campus

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In my opinion, the most important factor in producing quality OUM graduates is:

Tutors who are capable and motivated
Quality learning materials
A syllabus which integrates both theoretical and practical aspects of a subject
All of the above
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