Editor's Note

This issue brings a couple of significant changes to TCX.

First off, we've decided that the PDF and web versions of TCX should be friendlier to each other. So gone are the days when we e-mail out the full PDF with the publication of each new issue. In other words, the web version is no longer the stepchild. From now on, we'll be sending out an e-announcement instead. You would have noticed that by the time you read this.

In case you haven't, the new e-announcement is more 360-degrees and more reader-friendly, too. At one glance, readers will get a full picture of all that the issue has to offer.

Each feature is now accompanied by a short summary. If you want to read more, simply click on the "Read more ..." link and you'll be taken to the full version on the web. The full version in PDF will still be available for download.

In the coming issue, the web version will be upgraded to enable you to rate the articles you read. There will also be a comment box next to the rating option so you can share your thoughts with us on the spot.

On top of that, we've refreshed the editorial board after one year. A few members have left us for now to concentrate on other challenges, while a few have come on board to inject new ideas to continue making your reading of TCX worthwhile. To both, a big thanks for being part of TCX.

This issue of TCX focuses on the ifs and buts of quality graduates - timely too, for OUM is in the midst of redoubling its efforts in ensuring quality in all its deliverables. TCX23 interrogates the multiple dimensions of quality, sharing with you insights gathered from multiple stakeholders so that you may in turn critically self-retrospect on your own standards and understanding of quality.

We hope you'll derive maximum benefits and (dare we hope) pleasure from consuming this issue. Perhaps you will come to the conclusion, like many of us have, that quality is not an 'in' thing or a trendy topic to discuss, but a matter of serious consequence that can make or break a nation.


Dr David C.L. Lim

Chief Editor

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In my opinion, the most important factor in producing quality OUM graduates is:

Tutors who are capable and motivated
Quality learning materials
A syllabus which integrates both theoretical and practical aspects of a subject
All of the above
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