Everyone agrees that universities should always strive to produce quality graduates. What is not always so clear cut, however, is what constitutes quality and how best to produce it. So, what is this sought-after thing called quality? Is it equivalent to marketability? Is it adaptability, high literacy, a critical mind, civic consciousness, verbal and written eloquence, entrepreneurial skills, or more? Within the context of OUM, this issue interrogates the qualities of quality graduates, examining at the same time how tutors can contribute to the production of quality graduates.

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Envisioning Quality - An Interview with Prof Mansor
Towards BES Quality
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Going the Extra Mile For Quality Graduates
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In my opinion, the most important factor in producing quality OUM graduates is:

Tutors who are capable and motivated
Quality learning materials
A syllabus which integrates both theoretical and practical aspects of a subject
All of the above
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