Letters to the Editor


I wrote a letter which was published in TCX 21 to share my thoughts on the need for assignments and the marking scheme to be uploaded at the same time. I must say that I did not expect a reply, what more a personal call from Dr Santhi herself. Well, that is exactly what I got! Hence, my appreciation and thanks to Dr Santhi for taking the time to personally share her thoughts and explain the matter.

That is the way to go, OUM!

Earnest Manuel
Perak Learning Centre

Dear Earnest,
I am glad you appreciated my gesture. Thank you.

Assoc Prof Dr Santhi Raghavan
Centre for Tutor Management and Development


In order to guide and prepare our learners to excel in their studies, I would like to suggest that a column on Examination Regulations be added to the myLMS forum. With this section, matters pertaining to examinations such as format and procedures can be easily accessed by both tutors and learners.

Danny Chng Loi Peng
Faculty of Science and Technology

Your suggestion has been noted. Thank you.

The Editors


As tutors, we are required to award marks for students' assignments and online participation (OLP). When some learners receive low marks for OLP, they accuse me of being cruel and very strict in awarding marks. They might channel their dissatisfaction into the Tutor Evaluation. The rationale is that, "You give me poor marks, I give you poor evaluation." I think I have done my very best to fulfil my responsibility. I would like to suggest that tutors to be given fair standing in the report. Give us the opportunity to justify ourselves.

Janet Rose Tanakinjal
Labuan Learning Centre

Dear Janet,
Thank you for sharing your views. I appreciate your effort to improve our learners. I am sure it is difficult, especially when they have different styles to suit their learning needs. Actually, OUM does not evaluate tutors solely based on the Online Learners Evaluation on Tutors. We practise a 360-degree evaluation involving:
  • Your participation in the myLMS forum;
  • Class observation and monitoring by Administrator/ Lead Tutor/ Academic Staff;
  • Feedback from faculty;
  • Feedback from learning centres administrators;
  • Punctuality in entering marks using OMES; and
  • Feedback from learners during Dialogue with Learners sessions.
I hope you will continue to support and motivate our learners in increasing their ownership of learning, as this can create self-directedness, independence and lifelong qualities among our learners.

Assoc Prof Dr Santhi Raghavan

We welcome letters from our readers on any issue that may be of concern to you. Please e-mail us at tcx@oum.edu.my

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Trial and error - I believe it is best to do it my way and continuously improve until I get it right.
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