Feature: How to overcome technology shyness?

By Dr Thirumeni T. Subramaniam

"I always advise my learners to try and improve themselves. Learners cannot afford to be technology shy as the current situation does not permit us to be shy."

Petaling Jaya Learning Centre

"Technology keeps changing. Keeping up with these changes will enhance human life. Here are some ways to overcome the shyness:"

  • Be part of the community (friends and relatives) which loves technology;
  • Keep up with the latest gadgets;
  • Have access to a PC three to five times a week;
  • Relate to the roles played by the government in promoting ICT;
  • Track changes in technologies through friends; and
  • Participate in technology-based programmes.

Shah Alam (U1) Learning Centre

"Learn from mistakes and take action. Do it every day and place no time constraints. After several trials, you will be familiar with technology."

Shah Alam (U1) Learning Centre

"You can overcome technology shyness by subscribing to relevant RSS feeds and having a brave heart to try, discover and explore new things. Utilise web portals such as NETVIBES at http://www.netvibes.com to obtain the latest news on technology. Make it a daily practice."

Bangi Learning Centre

"Try to get more exposure to new technology. If necessary, attend training or courses. "

Shah Alam (U1) Learning Centre

"Often, learners are not tech-shy but shy to participate. I would often remind them of the need to participate. They can also be encouraged by being informed of useful websites. "

Shah Alam (Section 7) Learning Centre

"Read about and expose yourself to the use of technology. Learn and get to know more about the latest developments in the field. "

Shah Alam (U1) Learning Centre

"As a tutor, I try to learn more about technology. This often requires practice. You can also learn from others who have more experience. You may need to try several times until you actually master it. "

Shah Alam (U1) Learning Centre

"I read about technology updates in magazines and make it a point to learn new technologies by using them. You should treat technology as an opportunity to advance yourself. Embrace whatever new technology that is introduced in the market."

Petaling Jaya Learning Centre

"Learn and force yourself to use technology as often as you can; you will soon discover that you no longer shy away from it."

Shah Alam (Section 7) Learning Centre

* The above names are pseudonyms

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Highly competent in myLMS components such as the forum. Moderately competent in other IT applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on.
Highly competent in both myLMS components and IT applications such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
More competent than the average OUM learner such as being able to create blogs and e-content for the students.
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