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Many of us live by the philosophy of "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?" When faced with a dreaded task, we often avoid doing it until the final hour. If asked about it, we could rattle off a list of excuses. But the fact is, procrastination does not pay. We end up not achieving all that we could. And by delaying our work, we delay the work of others as well. This will gradually soil our own reputation. So, let's adopt a new philosophy - "Be on time every time."


OMES Deadlines



DATE (2009)

Undergraduate Key in marks for assignment and quizzes 2 - 15 March
Key in marks for online participation 1 - 7 April
Postgraduate Key in marks for Assignment 1 16 - 28 February
Key in marks for Assignment 2 16 - 29 March
Key in marks for online participation 24 - 30 April

Upcoming Activities


DATE (2009)


Teaching Permit

Tutorial 4

Submit your application form to the
Administrator at your learning centre.

Lead Tutor
& National Colloquium For Tutors


Selected participants will include tutors, subject
matter experts, learning centre administrators, academicians, management and administrative staff.

Tutor Dialogue

To be scheduled
by Learning

To share experience and forge strong relationship among OUM tutors; to create a sense of belonging towards OUM; to have a better understanding of OUM's vision, mission and values; and to raise concerns and make suggestions

New/ Senior Tutors/ Facilitators Monitoring

Tutorials 1 - 5

Class observations will be done by lead tutors and academic staff.

Malaysian Qualifications Agency Visit/ Interview

February and

Learning Centres and Programmes:
Bangi: Bachelor & Diploma in Human Resource
Shah Alam S7: Bachelor & Diploma of Tourism
Serdang Raya: Bachelor of Nursing Science Petaling Jaya: Bachelor of Mathematics with Information Technology

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To what extent should tutors be competent in IT?

Highly competent in myLMS components such as the forum. Moderately competent in other IT applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on.
Highly competent in both myLMS components and IT applications such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
More competent than the average OUM learner such as being able to create blogs and e-content for the students.
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