From the Dean's Office

By Majmin Hanum Abdul Samad

PROF DR MOHAMMED YUSOFF is the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Multimedia Communications.

Majmin: Please tell us about your vision for FITMC.
Prof Mohammed: My vision is for FITMC to be one of the leaders in distance education for information and communication technology.

Majmin:I understand that Bachelor in Multimedia Technology with Honours is the newest programme offered by the FITMC. What can our students expect from this programme?
Prof Mohammed: They will get basic knowledge and discover tools in multimedia technology which will enable them to become multimedia designers, programmers and project managers as well as content developers.

Majmin: Is the faculty planning to offer any other new programmes or initiatives this year?
Prof Mohammed: Yes, BSc in Computer Science, Master of Information Technology in Network Computing and Master of Information Technology in Computer Security.

Majmin: What advice would you give to those who wish to pursue their education in information technology?
Prof Mohammed: Work hard and be innovative.

Majmin: To learn at OUM, it has become a necessity for one to possess computer and Internet skills. How important is the role of technology in the teaching and learning process in an ODL institution such as OUM?
Prof Mohammed: Technology is very important as the students have limited face to face meetings with their tutors.

Majmin: How could tutors use technology to enhance their tutoring activities at OUM?
Prof Mohammed: First of all, they need to appreciate that most OUM students are part-timers. In order to enhance their tutoring activities, they need to allocate time for the students, rethink and redesign their teaching and delivering methods.

Majmin: Technology can bring people together. It helps break down the barriers of distance among tutors and learners. At the same time, not all tutors and students feel at ease with technology; some still have fear of the computer and all things technology. How could OUM overcome this "technology shyness"?
Prof Mohammed: Provide them with training and show them the benefits of using technology.

Majmin: In a nutshell, what are the challenges in using technology in an ODL institution?
Prof Mohammed: Some places have no Internet connection. The challenges are to develop good e-content and to get the students and tutors to use the technology.

Majmin: Mobile learning will soon be a distinct feature to support teaching and learning at OUM. How would it benefit OUM, its tutors and its learners?
Prof Mohammed: They can access the contents anywhere.

Majmin: As new advancements in ICT continue to flood the education scene, what emerging technology should OUM look into in order to promote tutor-learner interaction in an ODL context?
Prof Mohammed: Wireless technology.

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To what extent should tutors be competent in IT?

Highly competent in myLMS components such as the forum. Moderately competent in other IT applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on.
Highly competent in both myLMS components and IT applications such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
More competent than the average OUM learner such as being able to create blogs and e-content for the students.
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