Letters to the Editor


While monitoring my students in doing the parts 1 and 2 of their school-based research, I realised some of the main problems encountered by our adult learners. Firstly, their sources of reference are very limited, as the learning centres do not provide the work done by their seniors as a guideline.

This could help the students to find interesting topics for their thesis and to improvise on what have been done by their seniors.

I hope that OUM will take a similar initiative for our student's benefit. Currently, our students have to rely on their tutors for sample topics, which are very limited.

Another major problem is going to schools to carry out school-based research. The school authorities do not allow the students to enter the school without a letter of permission from the state education department and the department insists on a letter from the Educational Planning and Research Development Unit.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for students to obtain this letter, known as the EPRD letter. Please take action on these two problems. I really appreciate it.

Zurainee Ariffin
Kelantan Learning Centre

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Be able to conduct lessons in English and Bahasa Malaysia
Ensure that only English is used during face-to-face and online discussions
Continuously remind and encourage learners to practise using English in all real-life situations
Expect learners to have the self-initiative to enrol for extra English language lessons
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