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A new year has arrived and with it, a fresh opportunity to be better and do better. The table below lists the activities the Centre for Tutor Management and Development (CTMD) has planned for tutors from January to April 2009. Why don't you have a look at the dates and jot them down in your diary or organiser? This will help you in planning your work. As the saying goes, "Failing to plan means planning to fail!"


Upcoming Activities


DATE (2009)


New/ Senior Tutors/ Facilitators Training 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 & 11 January This training programme will focus on the tutoring process, assessment methods and administrative matters that tutors need. You will be contacted by your learning centre Administrator.
Teaching Permit Application Tutorial 2 Tutors who have not applied for a teaching permit must submit their application form to the Administrator at your learning centre before or by Tutorial 2.
National Colloquiums April Will be attended by selected participants comprising tutors, subject matter experts, learning centre administrators, academics, management and administrative staff.
Tutor Dialogue To be announced by Learning Centre The objectives are to help tutors:
a. Develop better understanding of OUM's vision, mission and values;
b. Forge better ties and share experiences;
c. Build a sense of belonging; and
d. Express concerns, issues and suggestions.
New/Senior Tutors/Facilitators Monitoring Tutorials 1 to 5 Class observations will be done by Lead Tutors and academic staff.
Question Bank
February Selected tutors will help to develop questions and answers for selected courses.

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In order for learners to get the most from learning in English, tutors must:

Be able to conduct lessons in English and Bahasa Malaysia
Ensure that only English is used during face-to-face and online discussions
Continuously remind and encourage learners to practise using English in all real-life situations
Expect learners to have the self-initiative to enrol for extra English language lessons
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