Effective Tutoring: Performing With Passion

By Hardev Kaur Jujar Singh

Passion is needed in whatever we do in order to achieve satisfaction. Passion is very much needed in the teaching profession as well. When we teach with passion, it will help our students to do well, thereby giving us satisfaction. Our students are the assets of this country and we must feel proud that we are contributing towards the nation.

Our students are part-timers who have taken the bold step of seeking education for their betterment while continuing to work. Some are also parents. Therefore, great efforts are needed from tutors to guide our students in achieving the expected level of proficiency in the English language. The following are some ideas that passionate tutors could implement in tutorials:

  • English must be the only language used in the classroom. This rule must be strictly observed at all times by both tutors and students. If a student uses another language to speak with a tutor, the latter should reply in English. The tutor should encourage the student to converse in English. Consequently, students will learn to converse in English and this would boost their confidence in the situation.

  • Tell students of the topics to be covered beforehand. This is important to ensure that they participate actively during tutorials.

  • Remind them to look up in the dictionary words which look alien to them.

  • Hold group discussions and ensure two-way communication to encourage participation. Correct mistakes in students' use of English when necessary. If possible, note the mistakes without disrupting the discussion. If the mistakes are minimal, on-the-spot correction could be done by peers or the tutor. If the mistakes are many and glaring, the correction is best done after the group discussion.

  • Hold a mini grammar lesson after the group discussion. This could help the students to learn fundamental grammar rules.

  • Organise role-playing activities as these could inject confidence in students which could benefit them outside the classroom.

  • Use humour to make lessons interesting.

As passionate tutors, we can make a difference in the teaching-learning experience of our students.

Hardev Kaur Jujar Singh is a tutor at the Petaling Jaya learning centre in Selangor. We are pleased to present Hardev with RM50 as a token of appreciation for contributing this article.

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In order for learners to get the most from learning in English, tutors must:

Be able to conduct lessons in English and Bahasa Malaysia
Ensure that only English is used during face-to-face and online discussions
Continuously remind and encourage learners to practise using English in all real-life situations
Expect learners to have the self-initiative to enrol for extra English language lessons
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