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The start of a new semester always presents exciting possibilities. There are new courses to teach, new learners to meet and new opportunities to make learning an enriching experience for all involved.

One thing that tutors need to remember is the importance of deadlines. In order to keep our ship sailing smoothly, we need the cooperation of all tutors to keep to the timeframe stipulated by the Centre for Tutor Management and Development. So, please have a look at the tables below for this semester's Online Marks Entry System (OMES) deadlines and dates of activities.

For further details, please call the Centre for Tutor Management and Development at 03-26168842/8846.

OMES Deadlines

Undergraduate Key in marks for assignment and quizzes 27 October - 9 November
Key in marks for online participation 24 - 30 November

Postgraduate Key in marks for Assignment 1 13 - 26 October
Key in marks for Assignment 2 10 - 23 November
Key in marks for online participation 22 - 28 December

Upcoming Activities


Question Bank
Workshop II/ 2008

Qualified tutors will be selected to participate Middle of October
Questions and answers will be developed for selected courses  

Tutors/ Facilitators Monitoring Class observations will be done by Lead Tutors and OUM academic staff Tutorials 2, 3 & 4
Observations will be made based on the training programme conducted in August  
Key in marks for online participation  

Teaching Permit Applications Tutors who have not applied for a teaching permit must submit their application forms to the Administrator at your learning centre Tutorial 2

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guided actively by the tutor in every aspect of learning.
allowed to direct their own learning with moderate tutor intervention.
independent enough to find ways to master their studies without depending on anyone.
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