We are often told that adult learners are different from other types of learners in the way that they learn. The consensus seems to be that adults tend to seek out learning opportunities and that motivation is not an issue for them. Adults are autonomous and self-directed, hence tutoring them should be a breeze, compared to tutoring younger learners who tend to over-rely on the tutor – or should it? How do OUM tutors relate to the above outline of androgogy or the theory of adult learning? Do their unique personal experiences tutoring at OUM match the theory? In other words, to what extent does the normative theory of androgogy hold up at OUM? Read more

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From my lived or vicarious teaching experience, I believe that adult learners should be ...

guided actively by the tutor in every aspect of learning.
allowed to direct their own learning with moderate tutor intervention.
independent enough to find ways to master their studies without depending on anyone.
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